2010.09.14. tuesday

Department of Education: 
Magdalena Florianska (English)
Ph. +48 32 606 76 69
Fax. +48 32 606 76 67
e-mail: magdalena.florianska@um.katowice.pl
Department of International Relations
Aleksandra Scibich (French)
Ph. +48 32 259 36 47
Fax. +48 32 253 74 23
e-mail: aleksandra.scibich@um.katowice.pl
ul. Mlynska 4, 40-098 Katowice (Poland)

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2008.09.26. thursday

This year the Educating Cities Office (Budapest) will organize a group of events during the few days of November 12th-18th, 2008; it will consist of a progressive Central European Meeting, a Conference with 21 participants invited - that is to say, there will be 21 cities represented each by one delegate, a responsible key person of the city - and an Executive Committee Meeting of the International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC) with 2-2 representatives of 13 cities around the globe - and a Seminar, a further training of the IAEC, for the high ranked executives of the Mayor's Office, politicians of the Capital's Council, and heads of civil associations, altogether 30 people will sit there for two days. Additional to all of these, an Exhibition will show up, which will be transformed into a travelling exhibition later, moving around the region, showing up in cities of the IAEC or in which there is an intention to get its membership.

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