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About the site
2008.09.26. thursday

The Budapest City Council, the biggest maintainer in Hungary regarding sustenance of educational institutions, operates such a wide-ranging net of schools that requires a modern, up-to-date website in order to be able to analyze and review the educational structure and to process and exchange information.

The main task of the portal is to inform and extensively serve all people connected to education as it is the central informational website of the educational-pedagogical institutions sustained by the City Coucil.

By supplying multi-faceted information that meets the demands concerning the net of Budapest institutions, it offers indispensable support for the decisions of parents, students, teachers and the leaders and maintainers of different institutions.

The aim of the portal, further on, is to provide the possibility to show up and publish for all the people working or studying in our educational system. Furthermore, connecting new fields of education and training is also a significant role of ours.

The most important parts of the Budapest Educational Portal, aiming to develop the given fields, are the database guiding to further education, the database of educational institutions, the theme of aggression management at schools, the TISZKs (i.e. Regional Integrated Vocational Training Centres) of the capital city and various news columns concerning all fields of education.

The portal offers all the educational institutions of Budapest the chance to introduce themselves and to provide information as part of operating as an informational base. Institutions can provide data supply through an on-line editorial system with the proper level access.

According to our plans, on the constantly developed and enriched educational portal, all the people present in the educational scene of the capital city (ie. students, teachers, leaders of institution, experts of education, parents, maintainers, employers) can provide, seek and find those up-to-date and genuine data that are in the focus of their interest.

The portal has already made the up-dated database of Budapest institutions available, and the structured data helping school or career choices, the tables connected to the educational surveys of the city, charts, information, announcements of competition, job notices and news about the school year are all already there.

We offer an on-line column for asking questions concerning various fields of education. All the questions are going to be answered by experts, teachers, psychologists, attorneys, drug experts etc.

The maintainer of the portal is the City Coucil of Budapest, the content and technical management is operated by the MFPI. The databases are actualized and developed by the FOK Kht., they provide the necessary infrastructure for the operation.

Welcome to our website. Please, help the development of the portal with information and active participation for the sake of the growing generation of youths and to support the society of educators. We hope that the Budapest Educational Portal becomes the essential guide of the education of the capital city. 


Sárik Zoltán, Director of MFPI

Végh András, Project Manager

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